im电竞平台下载为投资者提供全方位的物业管理服务, 房主, 或im电竞平台下载. We have an extensive portfolio of single-family homes, townhouses and condos in 塔利. We offer a turn-key solution for property owners with cloud based systems that are accessible 24/7.

使用Stone Oak管理作为您塔利的物业经理的好处

  • 寻找及安置合资格的租户: 快速找到合格的租户是石橡树物业管理的首要任务. Over the last 12 months our properties have leased 25% quicker when compared to all lease listings in 奥斯丁, 德州. Couple that with the fact that we haven't had to perform an eviction since 2016 and your 塔利 rental property is in great hands!
  • 没有长期合同: 从一开始,im电竞平台下载只按月为客户提供合同. 这使您可以取消您的服务在任何时候没有罚款或费用. 你永远不应该付钱给塔利镇的物业经理来解雇他们!
  • 你只会为结果买单: The only time your pay for our property management service is when your property is earning monthly rent. 如果您的物业空置,im电竞平台下载不收取物业管理费.
  • 塔利敦物业管理: im电竞平台下载的物业管理服务是有保证的,以保护业主. im电竞平台下载提供租客担保,付结果担保 & 轻松的取消保证!
  • 经验丰富的塔利物业经理: Our property management staff is made up of individuals who were working in the field before Stone Oak ever existed. im电竞平台下载的团队由业主组成, im电竞平台下载, investors and property management experts who all have a vested interest in insuring your investment in 塔利 area real estate is a profitable one! 
  • 租金集合 & 报告: 98% of our renters are paying their monthly rent online and are provided with tools that make it convenient to do so. You want to know what's going on with your property so we make it easy for you to be in the know. As a client of Stone Oak you are provided an online login that can be used to check on the status and financial health of your property. 每个月你会收到一笔直接的押金和租金. 没有头疼,没有麻烦!
  • 预防性维护 & 修复: Stone Oak has a team in-house that is dedicated to the repairs and maintenance on your properties. They'll provide options and navigate you through and speed bumps that occur along the way. im电竞平台下载和专业人士有关系, 全奥斯汀的保险供应商,不管工作是什么. Your tenants are provided with a 24/7 maintenance hotline so they can always contact our team in the event of emergency!
  • 科技 & 云报告: im电竞平台下载 has partnered with the leader in the property management tech sector to provide better tools and progressive management to im电竞平台下载的老板 and tenants. View full accounting and deposit reports and check the status of your property from anywhere! 为租户提供了一个在线门户,用于支付租金、维护请求等!
  • 市场营销: Our efforts go far beyond putting your property in the MLS and syndicating to the various real estate sites across the web. 而不是, im电竞平台下载 leverages consumer data to better position your property in 奥斯丁's rental market. 在“营销+”标签下了解更多. 
  • 质量保证: Our property managers conduct property inspections every 6 months on your property to insure everything is going great with your rental property. 





尽管im电竞平台下载有严格的筛选技术,但有些租客只是害人虫. im电竞平台下载提供驱逐 保护,使您能够继续赚取租金的事件驱逐!

你只会为结果付费. 保证.

无论你的财产是否赚钱,一些物业经理都会得到报酬. 在哪里 推销你的房产的动机? 有了石橡树,im电竞平台下载才会赚钱. 你永远不会 当物业空置时支付费用.

无合同,容易取消. 保证.

We don’t like working with companies who try and tie us down with their service so why do the same to im电竞平台下载的老板? Stone Oak只提供每月的协议给你,业主,允许你 随时取消!


We invest in advanced technology systems so we can provide you with the best service and manage your properties efficiently and effectively. We have chosen property management and accounting software called AppFolio Property Manager. im电竞平台下载能够传递给你的一些好处:

im电竞平台下载可以在任何时间和任何地方安全地访问有关所有属性的信息. 敏感数据安全地保存在最先进的数据中心中, 并定期自动备份.

The statements are easy to read and provide you with a quick snapshot of your property details for the past month.

We can create electronic work orders and communicate with vendors so we quickly solve issues.

We are able to use electronic payments (ACH) to deposit funds directly into your bank account.

im电竞平台下载可以通过付费营销快速专业地为您的物业做广告, im电竞平台下载的网站, 克雷格列表, and other all major real estate websites where tenants can be found looking for their next home.


We take pride in the properties we manage and maximizing our im电竞平台下载’ returns on their investments. im电竞平台下载的主要重点是管理和营销投资房地产. Our staff comprises dedicated leasing agents that have their fingers on the pulse of the Greater 奥斯丁 market. All properties are evaluated by our lead leasing agent and approved by the Broker prior to marketing for new tenants.


im电竞平台下载的营销方法很直接. im电竞平台下载的目标是尽可能接触到最大的潜在合格租户. The goal of all marketers is not only to get a product in front of as many folks as possible, 而是把产品展示给正确的客户, 或者在im电竞平台下载的案例中是潜在的房客. 除了大量的网络营销和MLS广告,im电竞平台下载的姐妹公司, 中央地铁定位, specializes in leasing homes and apartments and assists Stone Oak 管理 in the promotion of our inventory of rentals. This mutually beneficial relationship allows our leasing partners to get in front of more potential tenants while aggressively marketing our properties.


im电竞平台下载提供90天的保证期. 承租人因任何原因违反租约, im电竞平台下载将不收取任何费用,并将免费更换租户.

When thinking of renting your home one of the most important questions you should ask yourself is: “Who should I have screen tenants for my home?“答案是,一旦租户就位,谁都必须与他们沟通. im电竞平台下载的筛选过程非常彻底, because we have the relationship with the tenant after the dust has settled and the joys of moving into a new home have subsided. We perform a credit check, background check, employment and income verification on every applicant. 每个im电竞平台下载可以决定是否接受宠物, 但作为一家管理公司,im电竞平台下载不允许有攻击性的品种. 奥斯丁 is a very pet friendly town and most of our properties are pet friendly in some capacity.


大多数情况下,租im电竞平台下载的房子需要一个月的租金. This amount may be larger if one or more applicants fail to meet all of our rental criteria. 所有保证金都存在im电竞平台下载的信托帐户中. Our trust account is maintained in accordance with 德州 Real Estate Commission and 德州 law.


作为im电竞平台下载租赁服务的一部分,im电竞平台下载将按照德克萨斯州的法律准备所有租赁. Our lease terms are set by us and are designed to be fair to both the tenant and landlord. Our goal is to maximize our im电竞平台下载’ returns and a large part of this is minimizing tenant turnover and most importantly minimizing vacancies. im电竞平台下载不提供按月租赁. 前一租约到期时, im电竞平台下载将重新评估这处房产,并决定它是否值得增加租金.





塔利镇是位于德克萨斯州奥斯汀市中心西部的一个社区. 该社区的南面与奥斯汀湖大道(Lake 奥斯丁 Boulevard)毗邻, 奥斯汀湖在西边, 北是西35街,东是莫派克高速. 区内主要道路包括博览会大道、恩菲尔德道和温莎道. 塔利镇还包括布朗·赫尔曼的次级社区. 塔利镇通常被定义为以南部的恩菲尔德路为界的地区, 在北35街, 东部的摩派克高速公路, 和西部的奥斯汀湖. 这个社区有两个购物中心:塔利 Center和Casis Village, 这两家公司都以当地企业为特色. 该社区还有两所学校,Casis小学和O. 亨利中学. 源从维基百科



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